3 forces of India to serve the training related Drone attack and against the cybersecurity.


The department of military affairs has stated that there has been clear roaming of the drones and the cybersecurity that have been put up in the question. It is important to have the security checked and to avoid future harm or any inappropriate environment that will be created for the country. 

The department of military affairs has planned and implemented that 100 personnel from the US for providing the training of the technical and other artificial intelligence to our welfare.  

South Block officials conveyed and that cybersecurity has offered to train our military to overcome the training with the 100 military personnel in Silicon valley for giving them the best training and firing up for the tough security check. Indian military consists of tough and strong tri-services, that fall under the stronger headquarters. The government is in the favour of the command that has a lot to do with security and the cyber command. There were a lot of things that were not related to other tactics of terrorism or any spy that will be done on our country. 

It was mandatory that soldiers and the military aspect is safe and so every 3 forces were supposed to be trained for the implementation of things for the country.                                                           

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