519 deaths in Maharashtra in a single day: Report


The covid crisis is increasing day by day and it is one of the huge flow of the covid pandemic for India. India is been stated as the 2nd largest number of covid cases. Maharashtra is stated and penned by almost about 520 death in a single day. This value has come to the highest reaching out the point in any state. According to the study, there is a continuous amount of death that has been reported by the government. 

It is most likely to have almost 1,094,996 active cases by May. Staying healthy and quarantined in the house will have a chance to limit the cases. The government states the understanding of people and getting the self quarantined in their home and start the remedy accordingly will show up little difference in the health problems. 

The state is having 783,955 beds and almost about 72,000 oxygen beds, 24,000 ICU beds, and 10,000 ventilators. If the ratio of people gets above the facility that is provided by the government will ultimately lead to a problem. The problem will occur when there is no chance 

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