Madhuri Dixit on her birthday


Madhuri Dixit, the dhak dhak girl of the Indian cinema turns a year older on May 15 has set the new success bar in the Indian cinema with her flawless dance moves and her acting skills. She has worked with the big stars on screen. 

She married Dr. Nene and moved to the US with him in the year of 1999. In the talk with Google, she stated that how she is enjoying US life. She stated that “ at first, there the grocery rush into the stores was a big run and the best experience”. As in India, we are all dependent on the servants and it is totally a different case in the US. All you have is an independent life and you are on your own. It is kind of different freedom and the feeling. 

She has a different engagement with her kids when it comes to movie cinema and her acting. Her kids were watching her movie, “Koyla”, ones when they were leaving her house and when she returned she found a note on her kid’s computer which was written that “why were you so funny in Koyla’?  After a while her kids watched “Gulab Gang”, kids imitated her dialogues for so long. Madhuri stated that this is how I am treated at my house. 

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