AIIMS gives the precaution guidelines from the Mucormycosis and method of early detection


The center for Ophthalmic from AIIMS has posted the guidelines for the detection of the Mucormycosis in AIIMS’s covid ward. The guidelines are mostly related to early detection and symptoms. The guidelines calls are provided to covid patients if they are having any chance of facing the fungal infections. The early detection can be cured and are having chances of curing it. 

The groups of patients that have high chances of detection and are having the high risk are listed below. 

According to health caretakers and doctors, who are suffering from Mucormycosis which is also a black fungus, are cured initially with steroids for treating the symptoms, especially those who are suffering from diabetes and cancer. Medical representatives have detected strong links of fungal infection amongst diabetic patients. 

Patients having high diabetes, ketoacidosis and steroids found in the body.

Anticancer and immunosuppressants patients with any other chronic diseases.

Severe covid cases, patients needed oxygen and are on ventilators.

The health representatives have also told that checking on the patient’s condition every two weeks continuously for six weeks and then once in a month and after that for three months is mandatory. 

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