Andaman and Nicobar in the direction and cause of extinct species.


As per the information declared in the Union Environment Ministry, the website is looking for the multiple infrastructure projects that are being considered for the welfare of the committee and the environment. There are projects that include the luxury island setup, resorts, tents, and another staycation buildup. The major township is decided to build upon the Andaman and Nicobar Islands where denotification of the tribes, species are to be disturbed. 

These projects will use the major land usage and the massive change in the islands. On May 28th, the CRZ committee has considered the written application by Andaman and Nicobar Island that involves the ANIIDCO. The CRZ came to the conclusion that all the large and medium trees will be accounted for and put up in the use and it shall no be felled. The projects shall be considered to be in the geo-referenced zone, so minimum harm can be carried forward for projects to be carried forward. After all the declaration, ANIIDCO came to the conclusion that trees may be felled if required. There may be chances of major destruction in nature because of the major projects ongoing. 

These projects are carried forward to carry away the boost in the tourism and the travel business. So it is considered to be an important aspect to turn out the major infrastructure in the islands. Possibility of turning the islands substantially, the environment experts are worried that it will lead to a major loss in biodiversity and will create a negative impact on the tribal people and another ecological factor. 

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