As India is the biggest spreader, the US government have to speed up the vaccination drive for 50+


India is the 2nd highest country for having the maximum cases of the Covid ad one of the countries playing a major role in the spreading of these deadly viruses. The “pose disruption”, Prime Minister Boris Johnson has decided to take up the vaccination drive for the people who are in the age group 50+. 

He stated that he had to delay the roadmap but this deadly virus waits for none and so it is to be considered seriously and will make changes in the plan if had to. England will take the next step and will reopen on Monday as it was planned. 

The health minister of the US said that it is being spread widely and so it is core duty to protect people from it, it is mainly increasing in northwest England and much lesser in London, the action will be further taken to control its spread. 

The second dose of vaccines will be accelerated for the age group who is above 50+ and will be totally clinical vulnerable. Prime Minister all have to say is to trust the vaccines and take them for the protection of the people. 

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