Causing trouble by clicking on the “buy” button on iTunes: Report


There are maximum users of the iPhone and this iTunes. It has been reported that Apple company is facing problems as users click to buy or rent any movie or tunes from the store. The company is being questioned legally recently for the great transaction exchange happening. The federal court of California has stated that Apple might have to face some legal allegations and lawsuits. 

The reporter has also mentioned the “buy” button to be deceptive and thus the amount of the content that is present on iTunes might lose content after a while. This cannot take place unless and until you did not purchase anything. 

The case has been dismissed as the Apple company stated that there is no buyer or customer that would believe that content can stay for indefinite times after purchasing it as consumers seem to be okay using such policies and rules. The case was dismissed by the renowned judge of California but the case is now open to the courts. Apple may have to face legal allegations and injections against this. 

With the judgment of the rules and the policy, the functioning of buying the product may get disturbed or not at all disturbed. The usage of the “buy” button is now in little danger! Use it or not to use it is one of the biggest questions raised amongst consumers. 

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