Congress party leaders to protest against the fuel price


The congress party members will be holding up the protests against the petrol pumps for the extreme rise in fuel prices. Not only fuel prices have risen but other commodities and essential prices have risen which is difficult for common people to afford and cope up with. The common man is shrunk between these prices and leads to the protests against the rise in the fuel price. The protest will be held on June 11. Petrol-diesel, cooking gas, other essential commodities are taken up to raise prices shall be decreased and fall down after the protest. 

Protest will be held under strict covid protocols and every political leader will wear masks and so there also will be no public gatherings or meetings. The social distancing will be followed and thus it will not be disrupted. 

Venugopal stated that the country is under high exploitation and our public shall no deserve that. The inflation the fuel prices increased almost about 44 times under the BJP government. These are schemes that are getting against the people of the nation. 

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