Costing Rs 7 lakh of Indian Business due to heavy pollution: Report


Rising of the pollution needs to be taken care of by us in the environment as it has a lot of impact on the Indian business. Most industries that we have in India generate the maximum air pollution in the industry. This impacts people’s health and ultimately there is the absence of workers in the industry. This impacts the grown business into the shattered as it seems to be happening in the less productivity. It almost costs the loss of Rs 7 lakh annually which is equivalent to 3% of India’s GDP. 

According to the estimation, the workers of the heavy industry take a day off. Almost about 1.3 billion workers in the large scale industries take the day off and almost about due to the large mass absence $6 billion revenue is lost in the industry. This impacts the process of working in an industry where people do not have any option rather than to keep work on hold.

The report is based on the pollution analysis where all the figures are estimated according to the study. Footfall leads to many diseases that include premature mortality, infertility in the man, lung infection, breathing damage, and much more. 

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