Covid-19 lockdown extended in Maharashtra


The lockdown will be followed in the Mahrashtra strictly as the current situation’s scenario is getting worst. The local administration of the Maharashtra were expected to strictly follow the rules and carry forward following the covid protocols. The decision is expected to be taken on Wednesday by the cabinet minister. 

According to the observation and the research, it was stated that the cases were decreased and so it was decided that Lockdown as an affective impact in decreasing cases. With the daily cases report, the infection were reduced in 41 days. With the 38,236 infections, the state report went up to 5,148,985. 

Meanwhile, the drop in cases were decreased to 192,330 in 24 hours itself. The positive case ratio dropped to 19.36% from 20.82%. The state government of Maharashtra, extended the current lockdown for two weeks and will be completed on May 15. The locals are strictly expected to follow the curbs and the protocols of the lockdown and Covid. The decision at last was on the hands of the Cabinet minister and will be striclty followed in the cities were there are extreme rise in the cases.  

The cases were dropped down in some cases nearby Thane. Also due to rise in the covid cases, the vaccination drive is on the hold and it is slowly moving that is main reason for the extending of the Lockdown. 

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