Covid Cases to be in the delusional decreased and still frightened about the third wave.


On Monday, India was noted to befall in the daily number of cases in Corona Virus disease. There was a decrease in the caseload with the number of 37 thousand new cases. According to the Union Ministry of health and welfare, it was declared at 8 am. Amongst the number of 724 fatalities, this digit was registered in the last 24 hours. The recovery digit was almost about 40 thousand, that was recovering from the Corona disease. Current cases of the Covid cases have dropped down to almost lesser like 10 thousand. The overall cases were closed about 1.47%.

From Sunday, Monday’s covid count was slow and it was figured to be almost about 41 thousand. The daily reports of fatalities were down with the 890 cases that were with this virus. 

The covid cases on Monday reported being around 41 thousand cases. The fatality rate is in the ratio of almost more than 800 people. Recovery from the Covid-19 was shown in 24 hours and it was marginally down with the cases of 40 thousand on Sunday. 

The revenge travel is shown in the states of Uttrakhand and mostly in northern India. People are flaunting the Covid-19 norms and by wearing masks. ICMR has stated that the director of the tourists has found out to stay frightened and these tourists place has put the country into delusional fright about the third wave welcoming acting in the revenge travel. 

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