Covid cases to be seen increasing in Maharashtra


The covid cases have been increasing across and thus, it feels to be the most dreading dream that covers all the previous scenarios. The vaccination drive has been stayed focused and in the full shore, where there should be a minimum of the covid cases that should be affecting, but Maharashtra has to lead to the increase in the cases of more than 8 thousand people. It is clearly impending the third wave of the Covid. 

The vaccination drive of the state has received more than 9 lakhs doses, and the center says that the supply will hardly last for a few days and the vaccines are left that can last upto more than 4 or 5 days. This states that there will be the completion of the vaccines that shall be driving through the lack of vaccination or a pause in the vaccination drive. Talking about Thursday, the supply will have to be restocked and almost 337,075 people were vaccinated across the centers. 

The center health minister stated to the central government that, they demand the consistent flow of the vaccination once it gets completed because it will run it in better ways and according to the plans. There will not be any rush, in the covid centers and thus, the process can easily get completed with the least chaos maintained. 

If the covid cases need to be decreased, then the covid vaccination is the last and the foremost solution to decrease the mortality rate in the state. The central government will encourage those who are carrying out the large-scale vaccination drive. 

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Till now, the administration of Maharashtra has clearly stated almost more than 38 lakhs of doses, and there are many centers that are forced to remain close due to the shortage of vaccination doses from the central government. 


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