Covid is now undetectable by tests

3d illustration of antibodies attacking virus particles in the bloodstream.

Viruses have now upgraded themselves to triple mutant genes. The upcoming years of the viral infection of Covid-19 are going to be tough to detect as it mainly causes the asymptomatic. You do not seem to see symptoms but one can be the carrier of the Covid virus strain. Since we got the initial solution of curing the virus, it has got itself updated. You might not face any symptoms but you can be the one carrying it. 

New symptoms:
Diarrhea, abdominal pain, rashes, conjunctivitis, confusion state of the brain, bleeding through nose and throat, are the symptoms apart from regular ones like fever and body pain. 

Doctors and researchers have stated that it can still be detected by the test of RTPCR. There are surely double and triple mutant variants but as the structure of the virus is changed, it has become difficult to detect under any tests. 

Doctors have also stated some rules of Remdesivir injections. It is not every covid patient and it is not the cure for the patient and so it is not important to give the injections to patients as it is not a survival cause. It should be only given in the hospital under the supervision of doctors and as prescribed by the doctors

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