Covid norms were violated and leading to increasing in the Covid cases.


India has come up with a new report with the number of almost 41 thousand cases. The number has been noticed a slight increase and it puts up in the traumatic state for the doctors. The fatality rate is shown to be more than 500 due to coronavirus in the past 24 hours. According to the Union Health Ministry of India, almost more than 35 thousand patients are recovered from the Covid. The death ratio has increased from more than 30 lakhs to 411,900. 

Talking about Thursday’s case count, it was shown almost more than three thousand cases. Out of which more than 35 thousand people were detected with more than Covid Cases. There were almost more than 600 deaths were reported. 

The union health ministry said that by adding and counting it, there are almost more than 3 million doses that were administered on Wednesday. It was noted that there was a slight increase in the covid cases that were shown and thus, there are notable changes in the covid cases. 

The revenge tour and the travel have started and people are moving to the hill stations and have gathered where they are supposed to be in the discipline and thus it affects the cases and chances of increase in the covid cases. Before few days, there were all viral videos and photos that people were not following the norms of Covid like wearing masks, maintaining social distancing, and much more. The actions were asked to take against the Covid norms, that were supposed to be taken earlier. The covid norms like hill stations and other tourists spots were crowded with the people not wearing masks and not following the protocols of the Covid norms. 

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The markets of the hill station and the norms were filled up with the people not wearing masks and throwing up the tantrums of not following any of the Covid protocols for roaming and traveling. The huge crowds were followed in the markets and were seen in the huge crowds with almost zero social distancing that shows the clear evidence of the welcoming of the third wave of pandemics. 


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