Cultivation of red Okras/Bhindi in Gujarat


From recent research from one of the agricultural department students, there was the invention of the red Okra. Gujarat farmers have added the red Okras in the world of Green Okras. It is said that it was researched and cultivated for a long time in Varanasi. 

An agricultural university student named Jagdish Sharma is happy that he cultivated the red okras from where he earns double the price from the regular green okras. The green okras are available for Rs 40 per kg and the red okras are sold for Rs 80 per kg. 

Scientist and the researcher of the agricultural department of Varanasi in Uttar Pradesh have stated that there was the invention of the red okras and the Institute of the Vegetable Research named it as Kashi Lalima Bhindi. It was a pure experiment and the seeds of the red okras are brought from Varanasi. Jagdish conveyed that he used to experiment back then with the fruits and they were successful in growing fruits like dragon fruits. He was more interested in experimenting with fruits and vegetables. He is more interested in organic farming where he will grow fruits and vegetables with the help of natural ingredients. 

He also conveyed that green okras are grown with more spines and it is a little difficult to cultivate when it comes to picking up from the farm whereas red okras are grown with no spines and the seeds inside are not sticky as they are found in the green okras. They are also found to be nutritious for health and considered the best for eating. Other farmers tend to use pesticides and I focus on neem oil for avoiding pests. The focus is fully on organic farming and hence no pesticides are used for growing red okras. 

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