Cyclone possibility in the west coast reports


Talking about cyclone, it was visitor having the shooking impact wherever it was affected. The area which are having low pressure like Andaman sea, near Bay of Bengal around May 22. IMD said that it is more likely to be turned out in the cyclonic storm in less than 72 hours. 

Also, there are more likely to receive the light rain near the Andaman and Nicobar Islands with the border of the West Bengal and Meghalya. 

The system is moving very fast over the sea and IMD cannot rule out the intensified possibility. The intensification will abandoned if the time over the sea is less says the head of the cyclone of IMD. 

Officials of Odisha have started preparing and taking precautions. The meetings between the officials have started preparing with the emergency officials and other 10 coastal districts by which they are going to get affected. 

There are no official reports that the cyclone will occur and harm the districts, and landfall on the Odisha coast. The reports received are the raw and preliminary that was predicted into a possible cyclone by observing the current situation. The report was given by Jena after the meeting. 

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