Delhi Metro services resumed with Covid Protocols and safety measures


The Delhi Metro will now be starting its services and as the DMRC mentioned to resume the services with 50% of the seating facility and to stuff the limited passengers with the proper and accurate measures to be taken for the Covid-19 while traveling. It will also be taken care and passengers are supposed to seat in alternate seats with keeping the social distancing. 

Services are resummed already on June 7 as there is an elevation in the decrease in the covid cases and the death ratio. Also, the Delhi government tracked the covid reports and behavioral pattern of the covid, the measures are fully taken and they have carried out the preparation before resuming the metro services in Delhi. From 9th June onwards the services shall start with full force and the number of trains will be increased for operating the normal frequency of the traveling with the lesser hush. 

However, the profound doctors of Delhi recommended that they should keep a pause in starting the Delhi metro stations and trains. They should not directly start with the 50% of the occupancy but they should try with the 35% of the occupancy that takes only a few passengers and travelers in the metro. This will help in running down the pattern of covid and the boosting up should start gradually and not altogether. This statement was given by the renowned doctor and the chairperson of AIIMS Dr. Naveer Wig. 

The current cases and the total record of the covid are noted as 1.431.139 and the deaths are noted as 24,823 due to Covid-19. Apart from the metro stations, there are the opening of restaurants, carrying out marriage functions and all is declared as the part of the “unlocking Delhi”, but with all the protocols to be followed that comes under the Covid-19 and with the 50% of the allowance of people to be attaining the function and in dine-in restaurants with the limited seat capacity with social distancing, stated by Chief Minister Kejriwal. 

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