Delhi to blur lines between “protest” and “terrorist act”.


New Delhi has passed the statement that the “right to protest”, cannot be declared as a terrorist act. Well, here it clearly states that the thin line between terrorism activity and protesting has got blurred and is not seen. This statement was passed on Tuesday, stating while granting bail for the three students that initiated the Delhi riots. Students were from the JNU and JMI. The riot was off the northeast and it was named the northeast Delhi riot. The students were easily bailed and it was announced that no one should be accused of carrying out the protest that is meant for their rights. Meanwhile, students have created enough destructions that should not be considered under the “protest for human rights”. 

The high court stated to the Pinjra Tod activist and the protester who was already arrested last year for creating up the mess and riots. They were surrendered. The passports and everything were taken down and were under the control of the police department. 

The high court suggested that there should be some restrictions and the difference between the actual protest activity and the complete destruction of terrorist activity. The system was described as vague and considered to be one of the unwanted decisions for the activities that were happening around in the city. 

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