Delhi weather forecast goes with the pollution seen in the air: IMD


Delhi has always remained the center of major weather change and is considered to be one of the parts always remaining polluted. It was marked cloudy on Friday according to the IMD center. The temperature remained uptake and it rose around from 30 degrees Celsius and the minimum temperature drops down to 40 degrees Celsius. These days it was witnessed with the showering of light rain and light thunderstorm. 

The city that is considered that always remained polluted was marked with the falling of the temperature on Friday morning. The Central Pollution Control Board was shown with the hourly quality index. Meanwhile, it was marked poor on Thursday. 

The overall air quality of Delhi was marked poor with a lot of polluted particles. The scale goes like this;

0-50-good quality 

51-100-medium and satisfactory pollution level 

101-200-moderate level of pollution

300-considered poor quality 

400-very poor quality 

401-500 is considered to be severe. 

Union ministry of the Earth’s science is considered to be giving accurate data by monitoring the weather forecasting and changes in the air due to pollution. The wind speed is forecasted to remain lower and moderate, ranging from June 12 to 13. 

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