Dia Mirza delivered a baby boy two months ago and states her happiness over social media.


Very beautiful and charming actress, Dia Mirza, and businessman Vaibhav have welcomed a baby boy into this world and have named him Avyaan. Recently she tweeted and declared the good news to everyone on Wednesday. The baby boy was born two months ago and there was a beautiful picture of the hands holding and revealed in the public. They named Avyaan Azaad Rekhi. 

While uploading it on social media, she also stated that their son was born premature and thus, it needed the utmost care to look for it further. Her words are described beautifully that to have the decision of child is similar to let your heart roam outside and exposed to the world. As he has arrived premature and earlier than expected, he is taken utmost care of by the doctors and nurses in the ICU ward of the Neonatal.

She also stated that Vaibhav and I are learning so much and believing every day that there is a pure miracle of nature that has given us a beautiful son. We have trusted the power of the universe and parenthood. She was lacking the words to note down and state her happiness. This is something that she was waiting for for since long. 

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