Disagreement for the agreement for the nuclear military from Iran: Israel’s new Prime Minister.


Israel Prime Minister, Naftali Benett is chosen to become prime minister of Israel defeating the 12 years old rule of Benjamin. 

He prioritized the list of the military aspects and the crisis that is related to the defense and intelligence that have mattered for the country. The media of the New York Times have reported that by adding the spy to the country’s agency, Iran can be sabotage by the nuclear deal. 

The nuclear deal with Iran had no content till now and it had been a bone of Israel’s political-military base and its establishment. The Benajmin, now the Prime Minister of Israel have gone in expressing the agreement that was made back in 2015 and the action plan related to the defense and the nuclear deal between the two countries. 

Before getting elected in the election for the post of Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu never wanted to vow the false sentiments of the nuclear deals with other countries and also decided to never be a part of such violent agreement. He tried to stop the nuclear agreement and he stated it as a mistake and it was declared before Sunday’s vote. 

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