Doctors facing deaths during the second wave of the pandemic.


In the second wave of the coronavirus, it was considered to be dangerous than thought. It did not only kill the survivors but also killed the health caretakers. According to IMA, it was recorded that almost a total of 594 doctors died while treating the corona patients. There are different numbers of records for the different cities and hence it is dreadful to know. 

The data showed were different in different states and it was recorded by IMA, as 107 doctors had died in Delhi during the second wave of the covid. Meanwhile in Bihar 96 doctors were dead, and 67 doctors in Uttar Pradesh, 43 doctors in Rajasthan, and 39 in Jharkhand. It is dreadful to consider such a ratio especially while they are treating other patients. 

IMA considered that almost 594 doctors have died in the coronavirus from all over India due to this infectious disease. IMA also declared a chart showing the fatality rate from the different states in India and was further shared by the news agency on social media. 

The IMA data provides an accurate approximation of the doctor’s community in India, during the Covid-19 pandemic. The five states that are mentioned saw the major deaths of doctors during this phase. 

On the relation, IMA has also found that it has raised the voice against the incidents that are directed against the doctors, health care staff with or without reasons. 

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