Elon Musk declared the AI day for recruiting for Tesla.


CEO of the Tesla, Elon Musk has declared the planning and the execution of AI that is new ideas of Artificial Intelligence, showcasing the right ways of the fresh ideas to evolve and involve with it. Tesla has anyways faced resistance to implementing the ideas of AI ideas in the company, therefore AI day will help in initiating again the technology that needs to be implemented and showcase to the world. It will be one of the strongest intentions for resuming the AI in the company. 

Elon Musk tweeted on Monday regarding the possible plans and the ideas that need to be carried out to draw the plans for Artificial Intelligence day. He also mentioned that he will draw attention to both software and hardware by continuing both training and the execution of the ideas and the progression of the AI in the company. The main aim is to recruit the right people as they get to showcase the right ideas in the company. Tesla is the main platform that has churns up your idea and as he believes no idea is big or small. The growth in the leaders of the vehicle artificial intelligence is the goal for developing the AI segment in the company. 

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