Encounters of Six terrorists in Kashmir.


The encounter of the terrorists are attacked in the Lashkar-e-Taiba, it was encountered in the Pulwama on Thursday. Almost six terrorists were killed and out of six three belonged to LeT. 

With the encounters, two soldiers were killed in the encounter from Rajouri. One of the officials suggested that they were killed in the Line of Control that bid along with the officials. It was devastating to know and express. 

In the gun battle, there were two Pakistanis that were killed and it was from the forest area of the Dadal. According to the reports, the terrorists were reported in the grenades and the fire that was seeking from it. There were two separate encounters held out of which four soldiers were killed and three of them belonged to LeT. Kashmir’s southern area is attracted for conducting such activities that include the Pulwama and Kulgam districts. 

During the operation, terrorists were given chances to surrender, and thus, they did not. The firing was carried forward indiscriminately. The two bodies were revived during the carrying of the encounter. 

The terrorists were identified as the Kifayan Ramzan Sofi who belonged to LeT. Another was Ahmad Dar, who belonged to Al Badar. Weapons like AK-47 and other small weapons like pistols were found from them. They had clear planning of attacking in the Jammu and Srinagar highway, which failed them to attack. 

The doubts were clearing from the Naka checking in the city where they were doubts of catching of the suspicious vehicle. The vehicle was found to be of terrorists later on. The party started off the firing and the vehicles were bombarded too. There was the instant killing of two terrorists and thus they were killed on the spot.

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