Facebook on actions of the violating content


Facebook has set up the 24*7 operation center, responding to content that was posted on the platform about the Palestinian violence conflict in the region, the company declared that on Wednesday about taking care of the serious violent issues spread in social media. 

Also, digital conflicts like misinformation, negative hate speech, and provoking and encouraging violence have circulated in the social media platform that is highly discouraging for the people that are viewing the social media platforms. 

The content head of Facebook “Monika Bickert”, told in the call about fastly removing such deadly content. The operation center is allowing to closely observing the situation and taking all care of removing such content whenever posted. The violation community standard is highly adopting to address the possibility of the error. 

The Facebook have also previously come across such events like global elections and related violent activity. 

The meeting with the Israel defense minister was taken via Zoom and the problem was reported. 

The detention from the personal chats cannot be declared or be outside according to the terms and policy of the Facebook of private messaging. The actions are taken by banning accounts if it is found violating or an account that is putting up the violation content. The quickly responding to the valid allegations that are also given by other users to Facebook. 

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