Fuel prices increase tremendously and rapidly.


The rise in the petrol prices has tremendously increased almost about 37 times in the two months. It had put up the people in great shock as it does rise in price thereafter. Increased petrol rates by 34 paise and the price of diesel are increased by 10 paise. Thereafter the prices that are high in the number in the fuel is of petrol. Global prices of petrol and other oil have increased by 5.5% in almost three days. The petrol pumps have both fuels running in the opposite direction, petrol, and diesel.

The international rate of domestic fuel has risen by Rs 10.15 a liter and the diesel price by Rs 9 a liter.  The rate of petrol is almost about Rs 100 and the diesel price is Rs 83. Delhi is running with these prices and thus, it has the highest price ratio so far now.

The fuel prices are higher than it is thought whereas the prices declared from the Indian Oil Corporation have set the benchmark in the prices. The variations that have come so far are of the tremendous rise in the price. States like Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata,  and other metro cities have petrol prices of almost more than Rs 100 and already reached there.

If we talk about the fix and the final price in the fuel, the price of petrol has reached about Rs 106.60 per liter and that of diesel has reached up to Rs 98 per liter. Out of all prices, the highest price that has recorded of petrol and diesel is of Rs 111 that is found in the Rajasthan and that of diesel is Rs 102.87 per liter.

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