Himachal liberated the Covid guidelines for tourists


Before some days there was news out that Himachal is now officially open for the tourists. It has become mandatory that tourists and local people follow the covid rules and also follow every protocol in order to carry out safe traveling. 

The Chief Minister of Himachal Jai Ram Thakur has stated that they have removed the rule of showing and giving the RT-PCR negative report for tourists, but it is mandatory to follow the covid protocols. This was declared and the rush was seen to the next level entering in Himachal. He said nobody will be allowed to check the spread of covid from tourists. 

Minister declared that there will be no manual testing of the covid, but it will be done through the registration of the e-pass software that will detect the covid-19 that will be registered under the online procedures. The tourists that will arrive will be concerned with the stakeholders. 

As RT-PCR negative reports are no longer needed, tourists from the nearby states like Punjab, Haryana, Chandigarh, Delhi, and other northern states arrived as weekend plans and made a crowd. This was seen after the declaration of the RT-PCR negative reports were no longer needed. Northern states are beautiful and most of the tourists are from our neighboring states for their weekend plans. 

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