Himachal Pradesh on the role of major shuffling in the regions and districts.


The region of Himachal Pradesh has carried the major reshuffle of the officers where almost around 43 IAS officers got shuffled. Deputy commissioners and other civil servants also got transferred that included three districts. 

Subhasish Panda, one of the senior officers has got transferred who was present from the 1997 batch in the department who will hold and will be responsible for the tourist and other civil aviation in Himachal Pradesh. 

Other than him, Devesh Kumar who was present from the 1998 batch who was with the chief minister that added most of the managing director in Himachal Pradesh. The Power Corporation Corporation Limited was under him. Vinay Singh who hailed from the 2001 batch also holed with the secretory of the Chief Minister that works for the publicity department and now will hold the post as the director in Ayurveda. 

Rakesh Kumar who hailed from the 2007 batch, who was secretary of the governor will only continue to be on the same post. Along with it he will handle the Public Finance and will look as the Finance director. 

2007 batch including officers has been transferred who will be handling the rural district and also hold the position of the deputy commissioner. Zaffae Iqbal- Mnadi district
Shivam Pratap Singh- Chambal district
Kiran Bhadana-Chambal district

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