How to install the Clubhouse app for the web interface?


Recently the social media app Clubhouse has got the attention of the users. Currently, it is only available for users of android and apple users. This guide shows how can you run the app from the desktop. 

The clubhouse became popular for a year and it was only supported by the ios developing platform, the renouncement of the application for the android version was made and it became more popular as maximum people could use it for the same. It has become one of the famous social audio apps where people are connecting and contributing their knowledge. 

After the launch of the clubhouse, several competitors have developed similar functionalities for the audio like Spotify Greenroom, Facebook live audio, etc. It has come to the notice that there were similar functionalities and features that were developed by the competitors. There are no other things that come the way in a similar way. The only drawback currently affecting the Clubhouse is that there is no accessibility available for the desktop but this will show you how you can develop or access the Clubhouse application from the desktop. 

Before you start with the Clubhouse application from the desktop, make sure that the Club deck application is not interlinked with the Clubhouse app, or anything related to it. Clubhouse allows and appears as the third-party user for the application allowing the services from the desktop. Using the app in a tricky way from the desktop also results in the suspension of your account. There may appear such consequences. The company’s terms and conditions should not be violated here and also it is taken into consideration that it should not become to the notice. Proceeding with caution is a must here. 

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When you have downloaded the application, make sure that you enter your number and then submit by clicking on the submit button. 

Enter the verification code that you will receive once you add your contact number. Now, you can start using the Club deck app, that was first installed on your smartphone. Once you log in and start using it from the desktop, it will look like you will be signed out from the smartphone that you are using it. You can again sign in and enter the credentials signed out from the smartphone. 

Features like the ability to use the microphone from the application, local sounds and effects, recording the room, and a lot more will be availed from the desktop once you enter it from the desktop.  


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