Hungary to ban the LGBTQ promotion in the minors.


Hungary passes the law of not passing the LGBTQ messages and promotions to minor communities. There are statements that should not be passed to minors or promoted in minors. It is totally banned from Tuesday and the government stated that it is the part that will protect children and critics. However, the LGBTQ will protect the children and their freedom. The rights of the children will be preserved in order to avoid the promotion of the LGBTQ initiated by children. The government totally bans this program and will do not let include children follow this. 

LGBTQ law shall not be passed to children who are under 18 but also trans people should not reveal their gender until they are above 18. They should either mention male or female even in the documents and other legal proceedings. Critics have slammed the LGBTQ rights to the minors and not letting the minors turn into the part of LGBTQ community. 

It is considered to be the dark day for LGBTQ rights in Hungary. The group of human rights community has strongly deannounced the law as it comes to the harassment of the children and the development of the shame that will create in the community already while children are growing up. The identity and sexuality will be affected in the race and thus it will create a problematic situation amongst such community. 

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