ICMR decreases the load of the RT-PCR by providing the new guidelines for the Covid


ICMR declares that there is no need for RT-PCR unnecessarily just to satisfy your test and for making it sure. There are few points that have been taken into consideration such as.

1.Do not go for RT-PCR if you have tested positive in the rapid test. 

2. Once you have tested positive in the RT-PCR, do not keep on doing the test again. 

3. Unnecessary tests should be decreased to take the load off the laboratories. 

Once you have tested positive and you are at home isolation, there is no need for RT-PCR if you are not facing any fever and more. As RT-PCR is time-consuming, it gives much load to the laboratories. This takes a lot of time to conduct RT-PCR. 

Going down the lane, rapid is effective for the mass testing of the covid.

RT-PCR should be taken by the one who has tested negative in the Rapid test and still showing symptoms, for confirmation one should take on the RT-PCR test. It is mandatory to strictly follow the protocols of vaccination as there are chances to catch Covid after one or both doses so it is highly an important part to note down for the people to follow the strict protocols for the vaccination, pre-covid, post-covid, during isolation, stated ICMR. 

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