India overtakes the US by 17.2 crore vaccine doses: Government Reports.


India has overtaken the US in terms of the number of people who have received vaccines. India is doing a tremendous job in spreading the vaccine doses. India has administered 17.2 crore doses and the US which was leading earlier is on 16.9 crore vaccination taken. It is the race of sources and the awareness of the vaccines that have taken over the world. India has been reassuring that they are steadily improving and the vaccine campaign will be intensifying the vaccine is much more days upcoming. India also followed the strict rules and protocols of the covid even after vaccination. There are regions where double-masked rules are applied and people are strictly following them. The chances of the covid have decreased and so India immediately overtook the US from it. 

UK’s medicines regulators on Friday approved the Pfizer/BioNtech coronavirus vaccine for 12 to 15-year-olds, declaring that it is safe and secure for the people.  Now, Covid-19 vaccines have approved for adults aged over 16.

This situation of India was only achieved due to strong action by the people of India, states, UTs, municipalities, districts, villages, panchayats, and families. 

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