India records the lowest Covid cases in two months


The second wave in India is finally getting in control by taking care by health ministries. India reported almost about 127,510 new corona cases in the past 34 hours that were displayed by the Union health ministry in the dashboard on Tuesday. The death ratio is decreased that is gone down from 331,895 with a 2795 fatality ratio that was recorded by the Union Health Ministry. The covid-19 cases are cumulative cases that are decreasing in India depicting the declining ratio trend of the Covid cases. 

India’s last record was 126,789 Covid cases till April 8, by the gradual time the corona cases were increasing, and by the time of the May month, the cases reached upto four lakh per day in India. The immediate medical health resources, various scams, the medical health issues, the issue of lack of medical equipment like bed, oxygen, medicines all were problems for India. India to a tough fight and today there are less fewer cases that are emerging and the death ratio has fallen down enormously. For the first time in the last 36 days, it is marked that Covid-19 cases have fallen down by 3,000 marks. 

Not only death ratio has decreased partially recovery rate is also increasing where humankind is saved. With the improvement of the recovery, it is noted that 25 lakhs people are cured of the Covid-19 almost in 24 hours noted from the Coronavirus dashboard declared by the Union ministry of health and family welfare. India’s covid-19 recovery rate has fallen to 91.6% and it is shown. The current active cases are almost about a lakhs. India has fought the tough fight ebbing the Covid. 

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