Indonesia in the fall for oxygen: Covid-19 cases


Across the world, Indonesia is considered to be the 4th populated country. It has been reported that it is facing the oxygen crisis for the critical patients of the Covid cases. It has been felt devastated because the lack of oxygen here means that the country is suffering from the Coivd cases severely. Infact, two months ago in the month of May, Indonesia served helped to India and now Indonesia itself is lacking the Oxygen supply. Almost more than 3k oxygen cylinders were supplied to India. 

Indonesia has reached out to several countries for help. Countries like China, Singapore, Australia, and other countries have received help from Indonesia. Covid-19 associated press in charge, Luhut Binsar Pandjaitan have declared to the press on Friday regarding the receiving of the shipment from Indonesia. Not only oxygen cylinders were shipped but also ventilators and other health care devices that were needed for the critical patients of Covid were received for the shipment. Singapore has received more than 1000 ventilators that were provided by Australia. 

Not only this, but the government has tried to purchase almost more than 30 tonnes of oxygen from Singapore that have been in the contact with China and other countries. 

 The current record of the covid cases in Indonesia is noted around more than 2 lakhs and almost more than 64 thousand of the deaths due to covid. 

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