IT companies under the tag of “Techno-Feudalism”


Undermining the state power, IT companies are rising and bonding relations with the foreign countries for economic raise and the social polity. It is obvious that IT companies are regulating and bonding with foreign countries like a standoff and it is becoming a huge trend. 

The powerful revolution in the IT companies and bringing up the technical revolution with collaborating with the companies outside the country. It is considered in the technical revolution that are true and most needed revolutions for the country in history. The country needs transformation in every aspect and IT can be the base in providing the country with better development. It will help in the economic, social, and political development through IT. 

There is the decline of feudalism finally and while observing over the centuries, there is revolution due to the IT sector that helps in rising the industrial cities, decreasing labor, and exchanging the foreign traits and the ideas.  

This process can be called techno-feudalism as it is the big leap in the technical aspect and everyone has adapted to the technical lifestyle. The traditional and ancient feudalism is on the rest and is covered by techno-feudalism to shape society in better ways. Tax compliance and every technical loophole can be exempted in techno-feudalism. 

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