Kangana will receive her Passport after necessary changes and corrections: HC


The most controversial actress has turned in banning from Twitter for posting irrelevant content on social media about others. Not only this but their passport was taken away from her and it was condemned by the high court. As she have to resume the shooting in Hungary, she needs her passport and so she had to file an application for resuming the passport and return it to her. 

The criminal cases of the Kangana are still pending and so Anil Singh who is solicitor general has appeared at the Reginal Passport office for further proceedings. It was conveyed about the criminal cases that were filed against her. Mr. Singh conveyed that there are still pending cases that are still left for solving and so it may get delayed in receiving the passport back to her. 

Singh conveyed to the high court that is she insisted her counsel Mr. Rizawan Sidiquee, clear out the issue before the high court and if she made the necessary decisions, then they will look forward to accepting her plea for receiving the passport, and then she can further proceed for resuming the shooting in Hungary. After this statement by Singh, it was accepted by the bench and the statement was taken into the consideration. 

The counsel of the Kangana Siddiquee clarified that there were no illegal or any criminal actions cases were pending resolve as there were non, performed by Kangana. Despite this, Kangana agreed to make changes in the passport that was necessary for applying to appealing the return of the passport. 

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