Karan denied his allegations of physical abuse and affair by Nisha.


The alligation on the actor Karan Mehra by his wife Nisha Rawal of physical assault and having an extramarital affair. Karan was arrested on Monday and bailed later after Nisha filed a complaint against him about the physical assault. Ones in an interview Nisha declared that Karan was having an extramarital affair and he always assaulted him physically by hurting her. She found about the affair couple of months ago and she also clarified this with him after reading his texts. 

When questions raised on Karan, he legibly denied that these allegations were utterly framed by his wife Nisha and he never hit her but she banged herself against the wall and got hurt. He has not cheated on his wife and he is not having an affair. These are all baseless complaints. 

Karan played the role of Naitik for two years in the most famous daily soap serial Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, and she did not want to ruin his image and she wanted to resolve things as she wanted to keep the marriage intake. She said he did not care about our son and the abuse was repeatedly on the streak. She demands the large sum of the alimony in return as it is about his son and herself. 

Karan declared that Nisha was diagnosed with Bipolar 5 to 6 years ago and she suffers from major mood swings. She started abusing my family and started to bang her head against the wall, she also stated that she will ruin my image and life by filing a complaint against him of abusive violence. I calmly asked her to go back to her bedroom and not to behave in this manner. She would throw things and shout like anything when she gets angry. I did not want to talk to her right there, I got up for the bathroom and she would bang her head against the wall and she clearly said “ab Dekho kya hota hai”. Not only me but people around us, family, and friends have seen this behavior in public several times. 

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