Kim’s health in the question by the people disappeared for some time.


Talking about the North Korean leader, Kim Jong’s controversies have always been in people’s eyes and in the news. There have been a lot of questions and talks regarding his weight and health issues. He has been disappeared from the public appearance for almost many months, he reappeared and he was shown a lot slimmer than before. Maybe he is pursuing diet and weight loss therapies.  

People acted and reacted emotionally that were mostly heartbroken and when it came to the appearance, people had tears in their eyes seeing the controlled figure of the comrade general. 

He appeared a lot thinner and slimmer when he returned on 4th June. He appeared to be in South Korea’s media. There has been a lot of eye-watching from the North Korean leader about what is happening in the neighboring countries and other updates.

Health history of the Kim Family

Kim’s family has suffered and has a history of heart disease that appeared to be passing in the generation in the heredity. Talking about their physical appearance, Kim has a height of 5 feet and 8 inches and weighs almost 140 kg. When he appeared in the media, a lot slimmer, it was noted that he almost lost 20 kgs. Not only that but he is also a chain smoker, that questions the health issues and risking the increase in heart diseases. 

Why people are so concerned about all this?

Despite being the tiny country in the whole world, it has served the maximum and given the most to the world. If we talk about the defense or nuclear weapons that are been there with them throughout. 

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It has also been recorded that there is no single cause of the Covid disease record or case in the whole country and it has been managed and planned well considering all the sides of the development of the country. There have always been eyes on Korea where the US still wants to tackle its nuclear program and plannings and future of the Kim. 


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