Land Rover to build the SUV defender that will be powered by Hydrogen Fuel Cell.


Land Rover announced the defender working on the hydrogen fuel electric vehicle abbreviated as (FCEV), it is based on the Land Rover Defender SUV. The SUV is working and powered by hydrogen fuel and the testing has begun from last year. 

The working of the hydrogen fuel cell is like that vehicle generates the electricity from the hydrogen-electric motor and it will be considered as the battery-powered electric vehicle. This project is part of the Jaguar Land Rover’s project and it will be achieved under the zero-emission of toxic pollutants by the year 2036. 

The project is named Zeus, which is considered an advanced engineering project. The project is funded by the UK government as the Advanced Propulsion Centre. The verification is carried for testing the off-road capability of the fuel consumption that will further lead to problems. 

It is not a single-based company project, there are projects that are lead and teamed up with the other companies. The company that is included in this project are Delta Motorsport, AVL, Mareli Automative Sytems, and the UKBIC. 

The powerful statement was declared by the head of the Hydrogen fuel cell Ralph Clague, that they somewhere knew that the Hydrogen will play an important role in the future and it is the source of the future for more innovations, as it offers the zero-emissions of the toxic gases or pollutants that harm the environment. This project will allow our company to be under the emission of zero carbon by the year 2036. 

Hydrogen-powered vehicles are considered to be ideal for those vehicles that are used on a regular basis and in long run. Vehicles that are running in both cold and hot regions. It will provide the best response by the minimal range in the lower temperatures and adjusting it in every condition by automatic refueling. 

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