Lockdown is not a solution as it will hit the economy of the country: Maruti


Lockdown in the country is not a solution as every work is going to be shut for a while where the cycle remains disturbed and also common workers and migrants are not able to survive with no work and ultimately no revenue generation in their family. The suffering of common people increases. The chairman of the Maruti R.C Bhargava states the incapably will face due to lockdown in the country. Instead of fully shutting down the country and the business, the government should focus on dividing contaminants and shutting it down accordingly. 

Due to lockdown in the country, it will impact the business in the downfall. The footfall of people and the business will at last lead to the economic crisis in the country and that will be a devastating part for the country. 

If industries and offices stop, the sales will stop and sales then production cannot be continues. There will not be incoming orders in the business and the accumulation of production will increase that is not what business is meant for. There should be a continuous supply of the products and that is only possible when there is no urge of lockdown and shutting of the business chain. 

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