Mallika Dua’s mother Chinna Dua dies after Covid fight


Profound actor-comedian and Instagram sensation Malika Dua’s mother Dr. Padmavati Dua dies after fighting the Covid. Padmavati Dua was known as a Chinna Dua and she was one of the sensations on Instagram owning 40,000 followers. 

Actor and politician Bina Kak and other many supporters and friends of the Mallika paid deep condolence posting over on Instagram. It has been a difficult year for everyone and fighting against the covid is one of the deadliest parts one can survive. 

Chinna Dua was the wife of one of the profound Senior journalist Vinod Dua. There are many followers and supporters that tweeted with grief condolence. 

On 15th May, Chinna Dua made a post on Instagram about updating her followers stating about her health. She stated that she started to have the difficulty in breathing and her voice was dropped and had to suffer from the Cytokine storm. She under observation and was in ICU. She was admitted to the St, Stephen’s Hospital on 13th May and needed ICU but beds were not available. They then shifted to Medanata. Her husband was in the oxygen of 5 liters and she was with the oxygen of almost about 15 liters and felt breathless. It will take time to get it into complete good health. She ended with the message, “stay safe stay home, stay healthy.” 

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