Meeting to be held for the reshuffling of the cabinet ministers at PM’s residence.


As PM has decided to work on the reshuffling, there has been conduction of very crucial meeting today. There is a reshuffling of the cabinet ministers in the first place where almost 18 new ministers are going to get appoint and reshuffled. As also discussed earlier, there are almost a reshuffling of the cabinet ministers earlier but it was put on the hold due to the Covid-19 situation. There are so many things that come around on pause due to the covid-19 situation.

Finally, the time has come to conduct the gathering for the reshuffling of the cabinet ministers. Also, it was known, there is a meeting at the residence of PM Narendra Modi, on Tuesday where there will be discussion and decision taken regarding it.

Ministers:  Amit Shah and others will be attending the meeting as well as being present in the meeting for the reshuffling of the cabinet ministers. The meeting is going to take place at 5 pm on Tuesday and thus the decision will be taken accordingly.

Under the Modiji, the members of the Council of Ministers are 50 and that can be upto 80. Also, additional charges in the meeting will be held by Piyush Goyal and Hardeep Puri. The reshuffling will also include the load off the ministers as in 2019, there were almost 57 ministers and 24 cabinet rank taken off.

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