Modi announces “davai bhi aur kadai bhi” mantra for the special Ramnavmi for amidst covid-19.


Our honorable P.M Narendra Modi announces on the occasion of Ramnavmi to take care of ourselves and follow the protocols of the Covid-19 curately. He also wishes to “Happy Ramnavami” and states that may lord Ram’s compassion stays with us. Also he tweeted in the Hindi Language for all of us to understand.

रामनवमी की मंगलकामनाएं। देशवासियों पर भगवान श्रीराम की असीम अनुकंपा सदा बनी रहे। जय श्रीराम!
Tweet: @narendramodi

 He passes the message to remember for following the strict protocols of Covid-19. We have to stand in this together and fight the dangerous virus that is affecting our health and ultimately the country. We have to stand in this together and follow what we can contribute to the country.

The Prime Minister also finds a solution for maintaining the strict protocols that should be followed by the people. He calls upon the youth as they are found to be enthusiastic for maintaining the strict following of the protocols. Asking kids and adult children to take care in the family and addressing family members to follow the rules and protocols and avoid the unnecessary of ventures in this situation. 

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