Modiji on Repair and Improvement update for the country.


The government update on the vaccine scenario is that he is upto to the up-gradation of the “repair and prepare” movement and changes in India. He stated that last year at this point in time, there was no assurance of vaccines in the country or in the world, but today we stand with the two vaccines that are made and produced in India itself. It is to be considered under the medical improvement in the country. 

After the second wave of the pandemic, the country was fully shattered by the abundance of death happening all over the country, but just within two months we recovered and fought against the second wave of the pandemic. There are many more aspects that come under the improvement and the repair mechanism for the country. 

The honorable prime minister Narendra Modi stated that there will be still recovering and the up-gradation in the medical health and development of the medical equipment and medical structures will be developed for the welfare of the country. 

Already the scheme of distributing the free food has started and implemented in almost every part of the country for the poor who cannot aid or afford the food in order to maintain their health and keep up for fighting the disease. There will be more other schemes that will be implemented for the welfare of the people and that will come under the “improvement” and there will be necessary up-gradation made that will come under the “repair”.

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