Mount Everest not spared by the Corona Virus


When we talk about the spreading of Coronaviruses, it has not left India’s highest peak, Mt. Everest. Can we ever imagine the infection spreading at the peak of Everest? The virus has stuck climbers from the seventh’s highest peak-Dhaulagiri which is 345 kilometers. Also, it has been reported from CNN that almost 19 people have been evacuated from the camps of the mountains and have tested positive after coming up from climbing Everest. 

Almost about 30 people have been evacuated from the base camo and tested positive after April. It has not left any corner of the India Corona free. From this Nepal was too affected by the borders where it waved from Mt.Everest and people returning from India to Nepal. The virulent disease has not left any side of the people unaffected and it is gradually spreading everywhere around the corner. 

As Nepal is a tourist place, it generates its maximum revenue from tourism and mostly Nepalis are depended on climbing, treks, and tourist guides for their living. So tourist place is most affected as the traveling was totally shut for the people. The economy then gets disturbed. Following such protocols in such cities is a little difficult as the Base camp is such a small place to live. There were around almost 1200 people for the camping this year and the Covid was not affected then. 

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