Neena Gupta on speaking with Sonali Bandre discussing a nasty comment by a director.


Neena Gupta one of the finest senior actresses in Bollywood who is famous for staying raw in reel and real life. She is known for the realistic roles that are played in a movie. Ones back then when she was struggling, she recalls an incident in the book saying that “when she denied sleeping with the director, he made a nasty comment on her in front of everybody and other actors that were present there. 

Neena Gupta just wrote her autobiography “Sach Kahun Toh”, where she mentions everything about how she was abused in the industry earlier as she was struggling. She was so angry that she told her friends about pressing charges against him and to declare in the media but her friends denied it as she was struggling and no one would listen to her and infact blame her. She also tried to convey to one of them but he did not believe her and started abusing her in return. 

She backstopped herself from responding to a comment that was made in front of everyone, “Chize istamal nahi karoge to Zang lag jayegi”(if you don’t use things, it will get rust) this was the nasty comment that the director made to her when she allegedly denied of sleeping with him. 

She wanted to mention his name in her autobiography but publishers told her not to as there might be any legal actions taken against it and lead to one or the other problem. She told that back she was struggling, and it was not her time to speak in front of people but today it was time to declare, she declared the whole scenario but she did not state the name of that person and kept it secret as she did not want any trouble now. 

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