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New liquor policy in Delhi declared.

New liquor policy in Delhi declared.

Amidst the covid situation, slowly and gradually there is the opening everything as it has to get normal. The opening of the bars in Delhi will be clarified but with certain rules. The new liquor policy has developed where the government has declared the legal drinking of 21 years to 25 years, will be reduced. The strict prohibition of buying drinks from the windows in the bar or wine shop. There will be no counter for buying drinks and gathering up there with the crowd. 

The details of the policy that has been declared are uploaded on the government’s website where everybody can look and know about the policy to be followed. The petition for the liquor traders was uploaded to the website. 

After the declaration of the petition, there was a delay in uploading the document and declare it to the public. A new policy that has been declared, is introduced to sweep away the old rules of the liquor in the city. It will help in the clearing of some practices. 

The new policy is as mentioned below: 

Draught beer will be declared and shall be supplied from a vendor to the buyers. Vendors will be allowed to sell beers. Beer will be allowed to serve in takeaways. The manufactures will have to mention the expiry date clearly and then only production and selling will be held and taken place. 

Permitted license policies like P-10, P-10E will be allowed to sell beers in the functions, banquets, or other events. They should be having temporary licenses. If there are found any bottles or whole package seeling beyond the expiry date then the license shall be revoked immediately. 

The legal age of drinking is not still mentioned which is 21 to 25. There is no policy made or declared for them. It serving of liquors shall be carried in the terraces, open spaces, balconies, and open-licensed restaurants and cafes. 

These rules have been declared in the first place in Delhi. The protocols have been made and declared by taking the Covid-19 in the mind. The government has declared the rules accordingly. It will be strictly prohibited to buy drinks with the crowding. 


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