Odisha’s Raja Prabha festival starting on Monday


Raja Parba, one of the tradition in Odisha, that has been celebrated pre-monsoon. It is believed that during this period of the pre-monsoon, our mother Earth menstruates and throws out for the preparation for the agricultural activities, it was stated by the chairperson of the tourism S Mishra. It is 3 days of the festival and it will be starting from Monday and shall be celebrated for our mother earth. 

She also mentioned that this festival comes with varieties of cakes locally known as pithas. Keeping up with the view of the Odisha Tourism, the program was launched and named “Pitha on Wheels”. 

Raja Parba is celebrated keeping it low-key due to Covid-19 circumstances. Women do not work during these three days and so Pitha on the Wheels shall be at the doorstep of the people of Bhubaneshwar. 

The mother earth and the wife of Lord Vishnu undergo menstruation for three days. The fourth day is known as “Vasumati Gadhua” which is considered to be the bath of the Bhudevi. Menstruating women are known as “Rajaswala”, the word “Raja” has arrived from the medieval period back in times. The festival is much more important and it is considered to be the agricultural holiday for the people and remarked and worshipped behind the Bhudevi, wife of Jagganath that is still found in the Puri Temple. Women are given complete rest and they are not supposed to carry out the household work and just play indoor games and rest. They wear their beautiful sarees and apply the altha on the foot as the mark for the tradition and everyone is supposed to walk barefoot on the earth to feel the grief of the earth.

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