OLA declares the EV automobile with the reservation information declared by the company.


Ola has declared the electric bike reservations already and the refundable can be started from paying the refundable amount of Rs 500 and was stated by the company. The company gave the statement with the details of the reservation and you can pre-reserve the electric scooter. 

The revolution of bringing up electric bikes and automobiles will be the reality today. The first range will be declared as soon as the reservation that will be declared by the company. The sustainable mobility with the pricings that will help in reserving the maximum of the automobiles and thus, it will have the maximum reservations according to it. The chairman and the officer Bhavish Aggrawal gave the statement of the technology and the design with the affordable pricing in the EV. 

The company declared some features that say that it has the class-leading speed and the largest space for the boot. It has a superior range and first-class features that shall be priced aggressively so that it is widely available and accessible. The scooter will be competitive in the market in the terms of prices, physical appearance, and accessibility. Ola electric writes on its website.

Some details about the OLA scooter for the people:

The scooter can be registered and booked from the website by providing the contact number and then verifying it with the OTP validity. The Ola scooter can be reserved and booked by paying Rs 500 using any mode of payment that is net banking, credit card, and debit cards. Also, UPI, e-wallets, and other payment gateways are prescribed and permitted. 

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One buyer can reserve multiple OLA scooters and there will be no problem with it by booking multiple reservations for the scooter. 

The buyer has the permission to transfer or change the name to someone else’s name and then again pay the request to the Ola scooter for reserving it for the next time. 

For the reservation process, there will be no documents required and they can easily sign up simply by contact number and validate it by OTP. 

If in the future, the order is canceled or made any changes, the amount of Rs 500 that is paid will be totally refundable and shall be transferred back to the buyer’s account within 7 to 10 working days after the cancellation process proceeds. 

After the simple verification that is carried out, buyers can easily choose their scooter color for the later reservations and it will be available for them. 

The order ID will be received from the company to the buyers, once the buyer has reserved and the booking is confirmed by the company. It will be provided with the SMS, Email, and mobile number verification, or email address that will be provided to them. 

The electric scooter can be charged with the 5A socket. The company has declared the live charging points in more than 100 cities and later it will cover almost about 400 cities. 


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