Omar Abdullah conveyed the permanent statehood for the conduction of further election.


The chief minister of Jammu and Kashmir Omar Abdullah on Saturday conveyed that if the nation wants the election, then they should first give all rights and statehood to our people and us. The restoration of statehood and people’s rights is all that they require for the conduction of the election. As earlier the decision was taken for Kashmir in August 2019, they want all against it and live as the state. This was conveyed by the Chief Minister of Kashmir to Prime Minister Narendra Modi. They have urged for the delimitation of statehood first and then they will let conduct further elections. 

Not only Chief Minister but other J&K political leaders Mehooba Mufti fought and is standing for the rights. He conveyed that elections won’t be held unless and until there is a reduction of the articles section 370 and 35A from the law. 

To become successful and executing Article 370, it took almost 70 years. Omar Abdullah said that unless and until we do not get our statehood and the deduction of an article from the law, we won’t let elections be held. It may take 70 months, weeks, or years. We won’t stop fighting for our rights. This was declared and conveyed to ANI. 

As in the meeting Narendra Modi and Amit Shah were invited, they discussed the elimination of the article, delimitation, restoration of statehood. They conveyed that the people of Jammu and Kashmir are not happy with the union territories that are separated into two parts. They want all as one. Not only that but PM has stressed out and conveyed that they will have to deduct the article in no time so that the election can be conducted. Meanwhile, they will try to do all the proceedings at a quick pace. 

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